Valdesquí Challenge


Valdesquí Challenge

Prize: Ski Passes for 2020-21

Challenge: Track more than 42,2 KM during the season

Place: Valdesquí

Period: From 24/01/2020 to 14/03/2020

Promoted by: Valdesquí


Valdesquí wants to reward your loyalty!

What do you need to do? It's very simple: ski as much as you can until you've clocked up a marathon (42,2 km). Take it easy, you can do it in as many days as you want, as long as it's within the challenge period!

What could you win? If you clock up a marathon, you’ll be entered into 20 draws to award you with a Day Ski Pass for 2020/21.

Will you miss this opportunity? Open the app and start tracking your descents!

How does it work? It’s pretty simple!

1. Join the challenge

2. Record your ski days with the GPS Tracker

3. The winners will be announced through Skitude’s usual channels, email, Facebook and Twitter.

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