About Skitude

Skitude Skitude is a community of athletes and outdoor lovers, especially in the snow and mountains. With Skitude, you can record, analyze and share all your activities; also participate in challenges to win prizes. The data is recorded contextually because the calculations of statistics take into account the particularities of the various activities and also the location where they are carried out.

To do this, we are building a growing network of mobile applications compatible with the My Skitude profile. Some apps are linked to active tourism destinations, such as the ski resorts.

These mobile applications offer additional contextual information services for the location in real time so the user can better plan their visit and a new generation maps for better orientation and increased safety. The apps are compatible with wearable technologies and other gadgets for increased usability and performance during the activity.

Don't hesitate! Discover all the compatible apps, download the one best suited for your activity and your favorite place. Register for free to enjoy all our many services.

This project would not be possible without our partners.